Full Property Maintenance

We Now Offer Full Property Maintenance!

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Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

Lawn mowing is one of the most crucial part of lawn care.  It is what is done more often than any other lawn service.  Properly mowed lawns will have fewer weeds, better moister stress tolerances and will have an overall healthier look than lawns that are not properly mowed.We use the best mowers and sharpest blades to cut your grass.  We sharpen our blades on a regular schedule to ensure that grass blades have an even, clean cut, making sure not to damage any of the lawn. South Shore will mow your lawn at the proper height for your type of grass.  With over 15 years of experience South Shore knows how to care for your lawn.


Our mulch services allow you to pick from a variety of mulches available to best suit your business property. We know the importance of mulch and that it is more than a visual aesthetic to your property. We know that there is nothing quite like crisp colored fresh added mulch to brighten your property and make an impression upon your visitors. Mulch provides protection to your shrubs and flower bed by offering temperature stability. Keeping your plants roots cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Thus cutting down on the cost to replace your perennials and shrubs. Mulch also inhibits weed growth and can act as a pest repellent to some insects. Don't forget, that mulch promotes earthworm propagation, earthworms improve your soil and nutrient cycling.

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Sprinkler Irrigation System

Attractive landscaping requires substantial investment and careful maintenance. An automatic irrigation system will protect that investment by assuring healthier, longer living plants and turf. Plus, installing a system is a convenience “upgrade” that will measurably increase your property’s appraised value and curb appeal. With a custom-designed irrigation system, each area of your landscape will be fitted with the proper water-saving sprinklers and spray heads, plus a controller that will turn the system on and off… automatically and on a precise schedule. The end result will be a likely reduction in water bills and a definite savings of time and effort.


Every year, before the first freeze, winterization is a priority for all irrigation systems that are in regions of the country where the frost level extends below the depth of the installed piping. Any water leftover in the pipes can freeze, expand and crack the PVC piping. To minimize the risk of freeze damage to your irrigation system, you’ll need to “winterize” your irrigation system. Due to the potential dangers involved with winterization, it is best to call a professional.

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We Now Offer Subcontracting For Any Project!

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Plumbing Services

Whether you have a new home plumbing job or require emergency services, our company can help. We strive to offer safe, efficient, and professional plumbing services in the Southern New Jersey area. Our goal is not just to help you repair or build your home, but to make the entire process affordable and easy for you and your family. We are able to assist with all phases of remodeling, new home construction, and service calls. Our top-notch reputation and list of satisfied clients is testament to our superior service, clear communication, integrity, and attention to detail. Throughout out operation, we have gained a favorable reputation for our leak detection, repairs, and plumbing maintenance services. We always go the extra mile to deliver quality services, guaranteed.


When you choose us as your contractor, you’re choosing experienced, professional, prompt service. We understand your time is valuable. That’s why we strive to provide quick, stress-free roofing, installation and repair. Our team will be there on time and will never leave the job site a disaster. You can count on One Roofing Services to leave your home or business looking better than it was when we started the project. We’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with our work!

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Interested in these or other services?

Contact South Shore if you are interested in the services that are listed above. In addition, we offer more services that those that are listed above. If you are interested in learning about what other services we offer, call: (609) 675-6752 or click on Contact Now.